Why Obama is a good leader?

Why Obama is a good leader?

United States of America and the politics are like cheese and sandwich; one is incomplete with the other. No countries politics or president is so famous like that of America. Everyone has curiosity on to know what is the new political update, what new agenda has been made and so on. While America is in news for various reasons, between the wars among the presidential nominees here are few things you have to know about 44th president Obama. Though politics have been my favorite topic to debate about, Barrack Obama for me is more than a president an influential leader.  I have never been so up to date about politics until Obama took over the presidency. Today my friends address me as, Sanjeet Veen American politics encyclopedia.


Obama has all the great American president traits, which any president should possess. Here are few things one must notice in Obama governance, which brought a major changes in American politics.

  • According to Forbes magazine, in Obamas presidency the private sector job creation has been the longest for 68 straight months as department of labor statistics.
  • The unemployment sector, which is been bothering the entire planet has dropped from 10.1% from 2009 to 4.9% by 2016 in America. This kind of stats is certainly a sigh of relief for many. The green days are ahead.
  • Since Obama took the office, there is a remarkable change in stocks that has been successful maintaining new records. The records and the stats in stocks indicate a growth, which ultimately benefit the millions of American middle class families.
  • The income tax, if something that bothers at the end of the financial year is your tax filling. Thanks to Obamas office, where 95% of Americans have to pay tax, which are lower than ever in the past 50 years.
  • Health insurance is made easy with affordable health act, because of which more than 12 million families are able to have a secure medical care.
  • Obamas is a peace person; he took every measure to ensure that countries breathe in peace by ending a war with Iraq, withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and very fewer soldiers in war zones compared to the stats of 2002.
  • The economic expansion has increased to78 straight consecutive months setting up new records in nation’s economic growth.

A person is not remembering for what he said, he stays in memory for the things he had done to the country that will be remembered. Among many great leaders the United States have seen so far, barrack Obama is notably one prominent leader who would be inspiring many young people to take up politics as an equally challenging role with a great responsibility.

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