Strategic Philanthropy and Its Creative Implementation

Strategic Philanthropy and Its Creative Implementation

Philanthropy basically  is the basic form of giving and may include donating gift certificates, contributing cash or kind, supporting and sponsoring as well as making contributions that will make a difference to those in need. However, a creative strategic philanthropy is somewhat different from the former philanthropic style in a way that they are able to help each and everyone who approaches them. It is thus an extraordinary and powerful method to amalgamate your corporate marketing goals with the desire of the general well-being for the unfortunate lot. This is termed as strategic philanthropy.

Many of you must be thinking why the need for strategic Philanthropy, after all we are doing our bit. Nevertheless, let’s face the fact, no business can afford to be affirmative to the requests they receive for donations all the time and do reach a point of saturation where they have to say a “No”. To avert this situation a strategic philanthropic approach is a sensible endeavor.

Here are a few creative strategic philanthropic ideas, for your business, from me Sanjeet Veen:

  • Start up by introducing a pre-packaged product that can be sold by community groups to the stakeholders and they can avail a good percentage of the profit.
  • Engaging any non-profit group or school and community to distribute coupons for your marketing needs and when their supporters purchase from your store or website that group harvests the benefits.
  • As part of a corporate group, you can also offer a partnership to sponsor an education foundation or school in return for painting murals or informative graffiti at a given location as part of your educational effort.
  • Give out discounted gift certificates to volunteers involved in addressing the local needs.
  • Collaborate with respected social groups and arrange to host lunch workshops and community dialog session for bringing up the issues of those in need.

In this way, you can powerfully combine your business marketing goals with your social charity for the wellbeing of others. This community partnering or strategic philanthropy is a positioning in a way that will enable you to connect your business with a non- profit organization for a humanitarian cause. In this manner, you will have an active involvement in doing good and being helpful to the community and most likely to even reap a subsequent business advantage.

The merits of this philanthropic approach by your enterprise would lead to greater exposure for your business, boosting lead generation amounting to greater employee retention within the company. Not to forget the overall increase in productivity and performance, this eventually focuses towards an improved bottom line.

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