Origin and history of the philosophy of Philanthropy

Origin and history of the philosophy of Philanthropy

History behind the term

Etymologically, Philanthropy means Love of Humanity. This should be enough for people to understand how important this philosophy is. In broad sense, Philanthropy connotes to developing, sense of caring and loving, nourishing in what to become human and humanity. The origin of the world is as old the time itself. Coined in 5th Century BCE, the word is used to describe the character ‘Prometheus’ as ‘humanity loving’. Legend has it that the philosophy was given to the humans to interpret their own species and significant who do not hold culture, fire, and even civilizations; it is believed that philanthropy would enhance human conditions thereon. Out of several contentions, numerous definitions have been shaped, one of which has been widely accepted is by Mr. Lester Salamon. He explains ‘Philanthropy is the private giving of time or valuables (money, security, property) for public purposes, and/or one form of income of private non-profit organizations” Here are few insights on Sanjeet Veen, Philanthropic understandings.

Developments of the term

Since ages from beginning through the periods of Plutarch, Middle Ages, Aristotelian era and Renaissance phase through the 21st century philosophies, the name has seen several understandings and applications to improve and progress the human life and its civilization. When the transformations were rediscovered in the Italian Renaissance, humanism notion amalgamated the life’s important subjects such as history, poetry, academics, rhetoric, grammar and importantly ethics. From this born different ideas and views such as business, government, law and society and designed the leaders to lead the nonprofessionals to understand and follow for better futures. There were monumental developments in the field of philanthropy and this was always a start for the better organization of life. This changed the way people lived, developed and elevated as humans. With the emergence of new way of life and its understanding over the impacts over humanity, the world has seen in-numerous people and scholars who donate themselves to the betterment of humanity.

Modern Philanthropy

With the invention of the modern science and industrial revolution, everything historic about the evolution is about to change completely. Secular alternatives such as empiricism, rationalism and science inclined the modern philosophers towards a new and progressive view of the society. Recent centuries have witnessed several vicissitudes in the ruling of the civilizations. In Europe, the Reformation de-adapts institutional monopolies and introduces religious philosophies anew. Thus, the new civilizations with reinstated new models of philanthropy re-modulate itself conferring to the human development. With coming of the New Age of technology, philanthropy still endures bringing the human notion to another level of evolution.

Philanthropists dedicate their lives in improving the human needs and strengthen communities by providing contributions and charities. The idea is to improve the economic standards, supporting arts, combating epidemics and adversities of life. Only because of this thought of sharing and support for the needy, the life flourishes and advances to new heights.

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