6 Famous Noble Peace Laureates of Politics

6 Famous Noble Peace Laureates of Politics

Peace has been an integral part of my life. I could possibly talk as much as I can on peace despite of anything else. It is an inseparable element of my personality. Peace is the foundation on which the entire world is incorporated. In a family, in a community, society, business or politics, everyone needs an expression of reconciliation.

Nobel Peace awards started with an effort to credit the hard work in category of scientific and cultural endeavors, which culminated into supporting various acts that resulted in bridging global peace. In the race, there have been few notable politicians and their contributions to grace the political history with an effort making the planet more reliable and concord.

Nelson Mandela – The person, who brought ray of hope to the people of South Africa, honored with Nobel Peace award in the year 1993. Mandela is messenger of peace, who had played a key role in establishing new democratic South Africa.



Aung San Suu Kyi – The Burmese opposition leader and chairperson of the National League for Democracy, honored with Nobel peace award in the year 1991. The peace award is recognition for her tremendous efforts to support the human rights and non-violent struggle for democracy.



Winston Churchill – If one person has to be title as creative genius and an amazing leader that would be none other than Winston Churchill. He was the most renowned political leader and a great writer. Churchill writings stand as a great inspiration to me. Sanjeet Veen books collection is incomplete without Churchill’s work. His work is a monument that exemplifies the perfect narrative pitch. He was the only prime minister who as honored with Peace award for his work on literature.

Winston Churchill


Theodore Roosevelt – The 26th president of America was a mediator between japan and Russia to harbor peace, when there was an outbreak of war in 1905. He negotiated settlement between two nations with propositions that could bring peace. In 1906, Roosevelt was honored Nobel peace prize for arbitrating a peace bond between the two nations.

Theodore Roosevelt


Yasser Arafat – The Palestinian leader won a Nobel peace award in the year 1994 for restoring normalcy in Middle East. He is one of the most influential leaders who served as chairperson of Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Yasser Arafat


Al-Gore – The 45th Vice president under Bill Clinton presidency has worked tremendously to create awareness among public regarding Global warming. Despite receiving grave criticism on the same, Al-Gore was honored Nobel peace prize for his work on Global Warming.


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