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3 Great American Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists

3 Great American Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists

Early morning 7.00 strikes the clock and I am with my black coffee sitting in front of television to have a quick update on what is going in and around the world. All I get to see is killing, economical drifts, politics and stories of people who are still waiting for a ray of hope that could bring some light into their lives. Such an unpleasant feel in the early morning to realize that, while you are having the privilege to have a hot coffee someone in the other corner of the world is dying fighting for a glass of water. As I lean back in my sofa, I was thinking how long one would ignore these things. Not watching Television is the only option to keep you away from these things.

A philanthropist does not think that way. Few great Americans did not think a second to donate the huge amount of funds to find a solution to problems that are affecting people in various parts of world. This is the thought of wise people who does not hesitate waling that extra mile to help people in need. I, Sanjeet Veen proudly present three of my favourite philanthropists who are greater inspiration to me.

The Giving Pledge- Warren Buffet- The investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet along with Melinda Gates and Bill gates co-founded -The Giving pledge in the year 2010. The main motto of this organisation is to create an open platform to all the wealthiest families in the world to donate their earnings in their lifetime or after death. The organisation focuses on various philanthropic groups giving an option to the donators to choose a cause to which they can donate their resources. Craig Newmark– philanthropy is not just about donating money. It is about educating people on the rights and wrongs, making them understand their civilian rights. It is also about standing for a cause, and Craig Newmark stands as best example in this category. Through his online collection of articles, Craig wishes to give voice and power to many supporters who are fighting on various grounds of injustice.

Angel Network-, Oprah winfrey-   Oprah winfrey is an example to all those women who fought the odds and made a life worth living with pride, honesty, and satisfaction. Oprah founded Angel network in the year 2000, to help people inspire in making an effort to fulfil their dreams. The organisation delivered Scholarships, awards and huge grants to people and various organisations who believed in changing h world for better.